The Resonance R27A is a diagnostic audiometer, this is a great unit which a lot of our customers are fond of. It does everything a diagnostic audiometer is expected to do.

It is extremely robust and consists of a user friendly operation. It does Air Conduction, Narrowband (125Hz- 8000Hz), Bone Conduction (250Hz-8000Hz), Freefield Testing (125Hz-8000Hz) as well as Pre-Recorded & Live Speech

A great feature of this unit is the ability to create PDF audiograms and transfer them directly to the USB stick provided, allowing audiologists to attach the audiogram to emails & folders seamlessly.

The Resonance R37A / R37A-HF is a clinical audiometer. The R37A-HF is a high-frequency clinical audiometer. This unit can test up to 20KHz making it perfect for ototoxicity monitoring.

Combination Units

The Resonance R25C-PT is a combination Audiometer & Tympanometer, It has a diagnostic Audiometer that can conduct Air(Puretone & Narrowband), Bone Conduction, FreeField as well as Pre-Recorded & Live Speech testing.

The Tympanometer consists of Probetones 226Hz & 1000Hz as well as Ipsilateral & Contralateral Reflexes. The Resonance R25C has a 7” clear TFT display making diagnostic testing a pleasure.

The Resonance R35C-PT is a combined clinical Audiometer Tympanometer Combination. It’s an extremely comprehensive unit. The Audiometer tests Air Conduction, Bone Cone Conduction, Freefield, Speech ( Live & Pre-Recorded) as well as an array of special tests.

The tympanometer does 226Hz, 678Hz, 800Hz & 1000Hz probetones, it also conducts Ipsi and contra reflexes. The unit has a built in printer as well as the fuction to print-to-PDF.


The Resonance R26M is a desktop tympanometer, it tests 226Hz & 1000Hz probetones for babies, it has a clear, crisp 7” display making testing a pleasure. It also conducts Ipsilateral & Contralateral Reflexes

The R26M also has the print-to-PDF function built in, making it a breeze to transfer PDF files directly from the audiometer.

The Resonance R36M-PT Tympanometer is a great, comprehensive Middle Ear Analyser, it has all the great functionality of the Resonance R26M-PT but also has all ETF & Reflex Decay included as well as an array of additional

Special tests, this is a great unit for most audiologists as well as government hospitals because of its comprehensive specification.