The NDD Easy On-PC is a great, portable, USB based spirometer which employs ultrasonic technology to accurately measure spirometric data. It has a great low flow detection because of the superior technology which it uses.
The operator can see both Flow/Volume & Volume/Time curves simultaneously. It also has great built in animated incentives. The NDD easy-on PC is great for occupational health spirometry. It also connects directly to the African Management Software making it simple & easy use.

A bi-directional, 3 litre calibration syringe for spirometers designed to manually deliver 3 litres of air with full strokes from end-stop to end-stop.

We stock a large range of Spirometry consumables such as mouthpieces, sputum guards, one way valves & bacterial filters to fit most machines.
Our consumables fit NDD Easy on PC, NDD Easyone Spirometers, Schiller SP-260 & Koko PFT