Resonance R07A – The Resonance R07A Screening Audiometer does air conduction testing from 125Hz-8000Hz.

It is great for screening as well as Occupational Health Testing as it has a built in Hughson Westlake capabilities which can connect to our African Management Software.

It is extremely portable and can be run off 4 AA batteries if needed. Please see the brochure for more details.

HERMES is a clinical, computerized, professional 
audiometer, featuring two independent channels.
It allows to execute high-precision tests, such as:

› Pure tone audiometry (By air, bone conduction, or free field)
› Speech Audiometry
› Supraliminal tests

Compactness, elegant design and light weight allow
to perform tests in all the possible conditions, and to respond to
the professional needs of portability.
Usable in any professional environment, thanks to the USB power supply and the live ambient noise monitor. You can test with ease.


The Resonance R16M is available in 3 Versions.

The R16M-Lite – This unit is a scaled down, easy to use portable tympanometer, as a standard it conducts tests using both 226Hz & 1000Hz Probe Tones it also has a 1KHz Reflex tone. This can be upgraded to 4 Frequency Reflex with a License. The has a crisp colour screen, patient storage & is very easy to use

The R16M – The R16M portable tympanometers uses both 226Hz & 1000Hz Probe Tones. It also has Both Ipsi & Contra Reflex 500Hz-4000Hz. ETF & Reflex decay can be added to this unit using a license.

The R16M-D – The R16M-D is the same as the above unit however it has the ETF & Reflex Decay Licenses already activated, it also uses an IP-30 insert for the Contralateral Testing.




The Resonance R14o is a portable OAE machine. It’s easy to use and comes with software included to transfer all your results to a PC.

The DPOAE has built in pre-sets for screening. It also has customisable presets
The DPOAE unit is capable of testing up to 12KHz making it ideal for ototoxicity monitoring.

Combination Unit

The Resonance R15C is loved by many audiologists, this is because it is an extremely unique portable device. It comes standard with a carry case as well as an array of comfortable tips.

The unit can be ordered as an Audiometer/Tympanometer combination or Audiometer, Tympanometer and OAE combination.

The Audiometer can test 125Hz-8000Hz, it also has masking as well as pre-recorded speech. The option of Re-Play is available as well.

The tympanometer tests 226Hz & 1000Hz probetone which is great for testing babies under 6 months of age. The tympanometer also does Ipsilateral and Contralateral reflex testing. It can be ordered to include ETF and Reflex Decay option.

The OAE can be ordered as TE Screening, TE Advanced or DPOAE Advanced, you can also include all three options if need be. The OAE is the same as the R14O. The probe is a compact robust unit which makes fitting & in-ear calibration really easy to use.

Diagnostic 2 channel abr/assr

SOCRATES is a medical professional device that detects auditory evoked potentials, allowing to quickly obtain very accurate clinical diagnosis. 

The innovative and combined hardware and software functions, make SOCRATES able to meet the major operational challenges, such as noise and environmental myogenic artifacts, ensuring a higher diagnostc quality, and significantly reducing test execution time.

Featuring two independent channels, acoustic and visual alarms, SOCRATES also allows the facial nerve monitoring and diagnosis, for the highest safety and efficiency into intraoperative surgical sites.

The stylish design and easy of use, along with a complete and reliable software, make SOCRATES an indispensable tool for everyday clinical practices, as well as for scientific research.