Resonance R16M

Resonance R16m

The Resonance R16M is available in 3 Versions.

The R16M-Lite – This unit is a scaled down, easy to use portable tympanometer, as a standard it conducts tests using both 226Hz & 1000Hz Probe Tones it also has a 1KHz Reflex tone. This can be upgraded to 4 Frequency Reflex with a License. The has a crisp colour screen, patient storage & is very easy to use

The R16M – The R16M portable tympanometers uses both 226Hz & 1000Hz Probe Tones. It also has Both Ipsi & Contra Reflex 500Hz-4000Hz. ETF & Reflex decay can be added to this unit using a license.

The R16M-D – The R16M-D is the same as the above unit however it has the ETF & Reflex Decay Licenses already activated, it also uses an insert for the Contralateral Testing.

Brochure (R16M-Lite Basic Screening Portable Tympanometer)

Brochure (R16M Screening Portable Middle Ear Analyzer)

Brochure (R16MD Diagnostic Portable Middle Ear Analyzer)