Resonance R15C

The Resonance R15C is loved by many audiologists, this is because it is an extremely unique portable device. It comes standard with a carry case as well as an array of comfortable tips.

The unit can be ordered as an Audiometer/Tympanometer combination or Audiometer, Tympanometer and OAE combination.

The Audiometer can test 125Hz-8000Hz, it also has masking as well as pre-recorded speech. The option of Re-Play is available as well.

The tympanometer tests 226Hz & 1000Hz probetone which is great for testing babies under 6 months of age. The tympanometer also does Ipsilateral and Contralateral reflex testing. It can be ordered to include ETF and Reflex Decay option.

The OAE can be ordered as TE Screening, TE Advanced or DPOAE Advanced, you can also include all three options if need be. The OAE is the same as the R14O. The probe is a compact robust unit which makes fitting & in-ear calibration really easy to use.