Overview of African Management Software

Overview of African Management Software

November 22, 2018 Blog 0

African Management Software, also known commonly as AMS handles all your occupational health needs. It manages Audiometry, Spirometry, Vision Screening and medical information all on a single platform.

Audiometry – The African Management Software connects with various audiometers allowing you run compliant automated audiometry. It calculates all required parameters such as PLH, PLH Shift and STS.

Spirometry – The African Management Software is compatible with NDD products, testing is seamless and fast. AMS then gives a detailed printout of all the required results… 3 Measurements, in order of best to worst. Showing both Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curves. All required Parameters such as FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF-25-75%. It also includes the use of LLN as well as Z-Scores making it easier to assess the spirograms. AMS will also interpret the spirogram automatically.

Vision Screening – The African Management Software connects to the Titmus V4 Vision Screener. The vision screener is controlled by the PC ensuring swift yet accurate testing. Testing is conducted by asking the client/patient a series of questions about what they see in the vision screener. The operator then scores the client/patient according to the responses given by him/her. After this the AMS automatically generates an easy to understand printout indicating a pass or a refer.

Medical/Health Module – The AMS also has a built in Health Module. The AMS Health module can capture, the entire examination conducted on the client/patient. After the information is captured the African Management Software will generate a COF( Certificate of Fitness).

Go Paperless – AMS also has the option to incorporate digital signature pads. This will enable your clinic to go paperless.

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